This is me

Hi I am Shivani,dentist,blogger,foodie,dancer,mum to a five year old,home baker and a home maker.

I am crazy about food to an extent that I stay up all night like an owl to plan my recipes.

I love MULTITASKING.Its not a compulsion but a source of satisfaction.
I get up at 5 am,cook and pack tiffin boxes for my hubby and son,kiss them goodbye to office and school respectively,start blogging,click pictures for my blog,drive to my clinic and treat patients,cook lunch and dinner for family,again spend some time on blog.All in one day!!!So I can totally relate with multitasking women who want to cook great looking and tasting dishes without much fiuss.My blog has recipes which are totally fuss free with ingredients available locally.

But I didnt start writing this blog all of a sudden.There are some people behind the scenes who motivate me and keep me going.

1.My prince

My day starts by showering millions of kisses on my boy and ends by doing the same.He is zest,source,soul of my exsistence.

2.Two beautiful ladies of my life

My two close friends,mom and sis.I always go to them for advice and come back with loads of feedback,advice,criticism,motivation.Thank you ladies for being there!


My life is this one person who makes me feel special everyday.

He laughs on my silly jokes,praises my poorly taken food pics and claps when I successfully finish a dental surgery.My husband is my happiness,inspiration,love,awaard,praises,all in all my life.Needless to say but I love him a lot!

So friends this is all about me.Have a look at my blog,stay there,be a part of it,send your feedback and enjoy food and life!

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