Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Baingan Ka Bharta(Eggplant Veggie)

This recipe is a popular one in all parts of India.it is made by a number of ways...........what I am going to explain here is one of the easiest  fastest and tastiest method to  cook it.

Preparation time:20 minutes


  1. 4 to 5 small brinjal /one big brinjal

  2. 2 onion

  3. 3 medium sized tomatoes

  4. 3.5 tbsp. refined oil

  5. 1tsp hing

  6. 1tsp danamethi(fenugreek seeds)

  7. 1tsp turmeric

  8. 1tsp red chilli powder

  9. 4 tsp coriander powder

  10. salt as per taste

fresh coriander leaves to garnish                                                                                 


Cut brinjal in large chunk sizes.Slice onion  and rough chop tomatoes.
Now in a pan take refined oil and add hing,fenugreek seeds to it.let it crackle.
Put slices of onion to it and sauté it(brown it).
put chunks of tomatoes and add all spices that is turmeric,red chilli powder,coriander powder to it.
Add pieces of brinjal to the pan.
it should look like the image below.
Now add three fourth cup water to it.
 Cover the pan with a dish and let it simmer for three to five minutes on low flame.now open the pan and mash all the ingredients together.as the ingredients are soft they will mash easily.and we get our baingan ka bharta in minutes.as this is my first blog ....I am bound to make mistakes.
I forgot to  take pics of the final outcome.but I guarantee you all..........it was yummy.                                                                                                                                                                                        
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