Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Buddha Bowl|How to make Buddha bowl

Buddha Bowl  is called so because the bowl in which you are eating is as full as Buddhas belly.

Buddha bowl is not only fast to make but is also considered super healthy.It has greens,vegetables,carb and protein along with dressing of your choice.
Its like making a meal of your own.Just put in whatever is there in your fridge or is leftover.
It will make you fan of all the veggies which you dont want to eat otherwise.Dont believe me?put this Buddha bowl together and check out yourself.

Preparation time:15 minutes
Cooking time:20 minutes
Serves :1

Quantity depends on how much you want to fill your  bowl.

Greens:I have used 1 cup boiled spinach.But rocket leaves,lettuce etc can be used too.

Veggies:I have used 1 cup boiled carrots and capsicum.Other veggies like cauliflower,broccoli can be used too.

Proteins:I have used 1 cuo boiled chickpeas and 1 cup roasted cottage cheese.Kidney beans,lentils are good options too.

Carbs:I have used 2 cups boiled and peeled sweet potato.Other options are brown rice,White rice.

Dressing:I have poured a simple dressing of olive oil,salt and black pepper.Other dressings are hummus,sour cream .


Choose a bowl which is wide as well as deep.Start with a layer of greens followed by veggies.Add carbs and proteins followed by dressing of your choice and voila your own buddha bowl is ready.Enjoy this food for stomach as well as soul.

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