Monday, 9 February 2015

Basic fondant cake

I am a home baker.I love making both sponge cakes and  fondant cakes. This basic fondant cake is being put on my blog because it was demanded by some foodies. Enjoy my basic fondant cake !!!!All working women and teenagers,this cake is not 100% fuss free but it is a hit in parties and super try it for sure.))))))

Preparation time:no specific preparation time as it all depends on things available with you and your skills of fondant moulding.

You will need:

  1. One medium size rolling pin
  2. Brush(for dusting off cornflour)
  3. Small brush(for applying fondant glue)
  4. Home made fondant glue(a small ball of fondant in warm water,let it melt and mix and cool down)
  5. Pizza cutter
  6. Fondant of colour of your choice(store bought)
  7. One blunt knife
  8. One sharp knife
  1. Cake (in this case I have taken two 10" eggless vanilla sponge cakes)  
  2. Icing(i have taken buttercream icing)
  3. Cornflour(for dusting)
  4. 1 tsp butter

  1. Take both the cakes and prepare them by removing a small part of  the upper dome of cake.You will get a flat surface.
  2. Start applying icing on one cake with the help of blunt knife.You can put as much icing as you want.
  3. After the first cake is covered with icing,place the second cake on it .Cover this cake with icing too.
  4. Now add icing on all exposed surfaces of cakes.Make the icing as smooth as possible as you dont want an uneven fondant surface.
  5. Now chill the cake for half an hour in fridge.
  6. Start kneading the fondant by applying little butter on your hands.If your fondant has hardened then put it in a bowl in a microwave for 10 to 30 sec.Keep an eye on fondant otherwise it might burn in microwave.
  7. Fondant should be well kneaded before rolling.
  8. Spread cornflour on your kitchen platform and start rolling the fondant with rolling pin.
  9. Fondant should be around double the diameter as compared to your cake and should be around 15"thick after rolling.Brush off all the cornflour from fondant before placing it on cake.
  10. Either lift the entire fondant or roll the fondant on rolling pin and place it over the cake.
  11. You need to smooth out the top of cake .Donot press very hard.Fondant should not be uneven in any area.If you see folds repeat step8.
  12. Once all sides are covered with fondant smoothly,remove the excess from bottom edge  of cake with pizza cutter.
  13. Cake is ready for decoration.It is all up to you.I created this cake for my hubby as valentines day is approaching.So I kept it simple with stars and cake sprinkles.
  14. Cookie cutters work awesome for fondant!They come in all shapes and sizes.So buy some nice metal cookie cutters and stick the decorations on cake with homemade fondant glue.Have fun decorating your own cake.

Cake recipe:
Buttercream icing recipe:

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