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Difference between YOGURT and CURD


Yogurt,a Turkish word,is a dairy product that is made by fermenting milk using bacteria.The Bacteria that is used to ferment milk is known as yogurt cultures.First the milk is heated upto 80 degree celsius and then cooled upto 45 degree celsius.culture is added and then milk is left to ferment at room temperature.The end product is yogurt.

HEALTH VALUE:Yogurt is rich in B complex vitamins,Zinc,Potassium,Calcium and Phosphorus.It is also high in probiotics.It helps in boosting immunity,weight  loss and gastro intestinal problems.Most importantly yogurt is fat free.

SERVED:Yogurt is served on its own or with sugar ,salt or can be flavoured too.It can be used as a replacement for cream in many recipes.

COUNTRIES USING IT:U.S,U.K,middle eastern countries.


Curd is a dairy product that is made by coagulating milk using edible acidic substances.Acidic things like lemon juice,vinegar will allow milk to curdle and separate into two parts.The liquid part is WHEY and the solid is CURD.Dahi or curd is considered as one of the favourite foods of Indian God Krishna.

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HEALTH VALUE:Dahi has Vitamin B complex,iron,magnesium,phosphorus,potassium,zinc,copper,flouride and saturated fats.It is high in Probiotics.But according to some findings,  curd increases acidity of blood when consumed over a long period of time.

SERVED:Dahi is served on its own(sometimes too tangy for that) or with sugar,salt and other spices.It is served with rice dishes or used in preparation of Indian breads.

COUNTRIES USING IT:India and many other Asian countries.

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